Thursday, December 29, 2011

The people and the event

Laura and I were up at the crack of dawn to get things started, The doors opened at 7 for set up and I wanted to get there, get checked in and get back to rest before the afternoon fast runs...
As you can see not many people shared my enthusiasm for rising early.
That is Laura's airline crate
Notice the nice wide aisles.  As you can see the place started filling up quickly as the day went on.
My view of the crating area
Laura seems to approve of the spot...

And now the people.  Ohio was well represented at the event, here are a few of who was there.

Isn't it funny how few names I actually know.  I seem to only know people by the dog they run and the class they are in.  The BC guy from the "Falls" the blond with the english setters The red headed Steelers fan with the gordon setters, the portie guy,  the couple withe eskimo dogs, the rhodesian guy.  I could go on and on but you get the idea..
But there is one whose name I always know a lady who is always quick to help and answer questions or what ever.. Met her many years ago in Cleveland. "Maureen Setter"

Checking in was a trip but the line moved quickly and we got thru it in no time I was about halfway back the front of the line is the doorway in the distance.

Here is my cheap Invitational Picture
2011 AKC National Agility Invitational
Ch Reillys First Lady of Lajeron CD AX AXJ OF

Sunday, December 25, 2011

AKC 2011 Agility Invitational

Over the next couple of days I hope to entertain you a little bit with pictures from our trip to Orlando and our experiences outside the rings of the AKC National Agility Invitational.  As soon as we get our pictures back from the event I'll share with you those stories and experiences from inside the ring.

Laura waiting for her flight

As you can see there were a couple of dogs flying out that morning, for the record it was early 7:20 am to be exact and Laura was not in the best of spitits knowing she was in for a long bumpy ride in the baggage compartment of the plane.  But Delta was great they took us out of the commoners line and check us in special which means Laura got a little more personal attention and a longer stay outside her crate.  Once we were checked in the gentleman who checked us in escorted us to TSA to be checked by security and then to the door which took her to baggage and the plane.  
Laura was in the luggage transfer vehicle to the left.
Laura actuallly was loaded about 20 minutes before me and as you can see it was a miserably cool and rainy day. But she was on the plane and I was on the plane so all was good. Next stop Orlando.
We arrived in Orlando right on schedule and made it to the hotel without any problems.  Dumb me I forgot to take pictures ot the trip.  Of special interest would of been the vehicle in which we were transported.  A brand new black Cadillac Escalade, with a chauffeur to match. 
Laura met Santa at check in

Once we got checked in and settle it was time to explorer and find out where we were going.
Orlando Convention Center Part 1
Orlando Convention Center Part 2
These 2 buildings are across the street from each other.  Naturally we went to the wrong one first.
After almost an hour of walking around we finally found the agility rings.  Problem was we were on a sky walk overlooking them...
It took us almost an hour to walk home as I was lost and trying to figure out what door to leave by..
But we did get back to the hotel (Days Inn) where we were greeted by the staff and escorted to our room..
Tomorrow the people 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Remembering Maureen's "Billy"

Billie and his Toys

Not sure where to begin so I’ll start 10 years back.  A Bouvier we named Bill was dropped at our door step with his sister Taz by their druggie owners who were leaving on a vacation and just wanted to get rid of the last 2 pups remaining from a litter.  We placed Taz and Maureen kept Bill as we have a thing about placing unhealthy dogs.  And Bill was a genetic mess lanky and over sized with a bad heart.  Stubborn is not the proper word to describe him as over the years I have changed that assessment to “Strong willed” and “Devoted”.  Bill had many medical problems all pretty much genetic then throw in 2 ACL surgeries and major spine problems and we find ourselves in 2008. Bill was crippled in the rear but his strong will to continue and his devotion to Maureen kept him going. He would scoot 3 inches at a time to be with her and once in his wheels he would walk with her all over the property which was never an easy chore for him (he would even chase the cat , which in fact he did just last week). Bill was a hardship for Maureen as he would only respond to her attention and wishes. Whether it was getting into his wheels or moving around the family room he would always respond to her wishes and given the chance would find a way to be just a little closer to her. If it required crawling an inch at a time he would spend hours making the move to get there.  Each morning there was the ritual that was repeated 4 times a day. Once up Bill would scoot his way to the family room where Maureen would lift his rear legs up, place them in a set of stirrups and put him in his wheels fasten the yoke and head him out the door to potty.
Once outside she would express his bladder and make sure he was comfortable, this happened in all kinds of weather.  Then it was feeding time and then the trek back into the house where the clean bedding was piled so he would have a comfortable place to lie till noon where the process would be repeated again and then again at 5 and at bedtime. 
Bill ready to go to the rabbit show
I always felt sorry for Bill as he was not dealt the best of hands, but he seemed happy and content in his world.  After all he had Maureen and he loved her and she was always near.  When she would go to a rabbit show which required a long day or an overnight we would pack up Bill and his wheels and cart him off with us.  At the show we would always sneak away to relieve Bill as Maureen did not want to embarrass him and make him a spectacle.  Bill loved company and people and especially kids. He loved chasing the cats and small dogs.  Even though he was crippled he was respected by his peers in the house and everyone respected his space.  Over the years we probably gave him many reasons to bite as we pushed, prodded, probed and forced pills, gave needles and fed him fluids.  He never once seemed irritated; it was like he knew Maureen was trying to help.  Baths were a problem as he was totally uncooperative as he hated them liked the attention but hated the soap and water.
And so now the final chapter, we left the kennel 20 minutes early last night, something we never do, to come home to find that the boy had gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.  We knew it would happen one day but just not this day and as always he did it his way, alone with just Laura and Roxie in the house.  Maureen was upset mostly because she was not with him.  But the truth be told there is no easy way to lose a loved one.  So today I got up knowing that the 3 year morning ritual was over.  Bill’s wheels are retired and we’ll be taking him to the Pines where he will be cremated, placed in a box and put with our other gone but not forgotten pets..
Once again an animal has taught me a lesson and with Bill there were many. To love and accept your family, to not give up or give in on those important things, to remain faithful, thankful and devoted to the end and to accept your fate and turn those lemons into lemonade.  Bill was cripples for 3 years and before that he was never comfortable running or even moving about the backyard with all his genetic short comings but he was happy in his world as long as Maureen was a part of it.  She was devoted to him and him to her.  And I sit and wonder if God is so good why he would deal such a lovely creature such a life of pain and agony. 
             I’ll miss you Bill I’ll miss the poop you left me in the morning, the jerk of your head to get me to pet you and that big head of yours on top of my feet on the ottoman trying to keep my toes warm.  I wish I could pet you one more time and thank you for being special.   
             To Maureen I want to say you were much loved and Bill appreciated everything you did for him.  He was devoted to you and you to him. Like him you are also a very special person.  I would just like you to remember that every time Bill came to you it was to be close to you and thank you for all you had done for him. He knew it.                                                                          

  So For Bill I will say:
           Thank you so much for everything, I love you
           your “Billy”
 You would think I would be good at this but it never gets easier.
Thanks for listening…. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Countdown is on

Laura Says Lets Get Going
Laura is anxious to get going.. Departure is Thursday the 15th flying out of Cincinnati... First run Friday followed by 2 runs on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.. All systems are go.. Only three more training/fitness sessions and then we get a day off.. Naturally I will try to blog from Orlando and keep you all up to date.. And the excitment mounts...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

confirmation has arrived

Well it looks like it is official,  we now have our crating space NN20, entry number 240571 and our running order R1/97  R2/73  R3/39 R4/23.
And so the count down begins

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kerrie and Ruth

More results from Zanesville as Kerrie continues to burn up the 8 inch height class
Ruth Miller and Kerrie on Saturday took a 1st in open JWW , open Std and nov Fast..
Congratulations  on the Triple Q

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Agility Drop in

Don't forget the agility drop in Thursday Dec 1.... The Beginners at 6:30 and the more advanced Class is at 8:00.. Ron will be running these classes and as always will provide a challenging evening.. Wesson and I will be there we hope to see you there...  As always the equipment will remain up over the weekend...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good Bad Ugly

The "Good" Wesson got 2nds in Jumpers and a 1st in fast and that all resulted in a new Title
Wesson NA, NJWW

The "Bad" Laura did not Q all weekend

The "Ugly" on Saturday they both managed to humble me with each having a really bad run

Friday, November 25, 2011


Off to Zanesville for the Sheltie Trial.. Laura entered in ex Jumpers and Std...As long as she runs well and does the weave poles I'll be a happy a camper.. Wesson has a full load novice jumpers, open STD, novice fast and the new event time to beat... Looking for some Q's

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Welcome to the Big Times Kennel Blog

Welcome to the first post of the Big Times Kennel Blog. It is our hope to keep our clients and students up to date on all that is happening around our world. With all that we do and all the lives we touch (both 2 legged and 4 legged) I am sure there will be plenty to write about. Classes, competitions, students, boarders and just plain stuff we will try to hit it all. I am sure some weeks there will be plenty and some weeks will be dry. I will try and keep it as up to date as possible. I hope you enjoy it.