Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Snow

It has been a long time since the dogs got a chance to romp in the snow.... But today turned out to be a perfect day for playing in the white stuff.. For the occasion the dogs were let loose on the bird's side of the yard... Lots of fresh snow and plenty of new smells..
Roxie leads the way
Wesson checks out the landscape
Angus enjoys poking his nose in the snow
Laura hides behind the tree

New Stuff

Picked up a few new items for the training facility which the instructors will really like.. December 23rd picked up our new teeter, A-frame and dog walk...
Hopefully the light weight aluminum fixtures will result in different placements for the equipment... This is the same equipment that the Hamilton Club uses in their trials...The January 9th  401 agility class will be the first to try them out... So look for a lot of problems to solve which include a teeter, dog walk and A-frame..


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Congrads Izzy and Cindy

Having a hard time with the video but I wanted to congratulate Izzy and Cindy on their first double Q in Masters at Queen City.. Now on to her Mach .. Go IZZY GO
Video when I figure out how to get it here..

The Project

Maureen always has some sort of project going on.. This one entails shopping the Thrift stores (Good Will, Salvation Army etc) for wool and/or angora sweaters... Cabled and bright colors are a plus... It has a design woven in it or a little embroidered something that is an even bigger plus..
The process is simple get the goods.. this takes some time as these places pack things in by color and you need to sort thru hundreds of sweaters.. Once they are found you by them an expensive one  might be $4 and if your timing is good you could shop on $.99 sweater day.. Anyway the bill generally averages out to about $1.50 a sweater.. then it is home to wash them in hot water and dry on high to felt them up good.. Next you cut out the pattern do a little sewing and  bingo you got a pair of gloves... Oops forgot something a lining, a nice pair of gloves need a nice fleece lining.. Off she goes to Joann's fabrics as fleece is on sale.. But she does not by the fleece on sale she hits the remnant barrel for the remnant's and scraps.. After all it is 50% off the regular price and during the sale it is  50% off that price... Another bargain.. and in the end Maureen has a warm original pair of gloves...

The Sorting
Notice even Roxie is confused

Cutting and Sewing
A Pink Pair
A Ski Sweater Design

 An Ugly Sweater


The classes for the year of 2012 have come to an end and it is fun to go back and look at some of our 4 legged students and their 2 legged handlers..

 Attention is Good
Ready for Class

Somebody is looking for Treats from a Neighbor 
Attention and a Pat Both Good Things 
 Our Puppies are Always Special

The Only Photo I have Where the Tail is Not Wagging