Sunday, July 31, 2016

Canine Training Classes

4 Puppies and an adult

Well it is now August and we are ready to get back to training and classes.
In fact Classes start the week of August 22 and as usual our obedience classes will be held on Monday and Tuesday evenings and all agility classes will be on Wednesday and Thursday evenings...  As always we have added a new class, this time it is an introduction to agility entitled "Obedience for Agility". This is a new approach to agility as we will be covering all the foundation skills you need to be successful.  All canine performance events start with some form of obedience, whether it is confirmation, herding or agility there some form of obedience involved and we hope to cover all those bases.  Remember there is a 7 dog limit in each class so don't delay....

Session 4 2016 Class Schedule
For Obedience Classes
Monday August 22
6:30 pm Manners 101
8:00 pm Manners 101

Tuesday August 23
6:30 pm Manners 101
8:00 pm Manners 101
8:00 pm Obedience for Agility New Class

Manners 101
Our basic manners course focuses on making your pet a well mannered companion. The course concentrates on walking on lead, sit, down, stay and come on recall. We also address those normal pet problems like barking, digging and jumping. Need help with house breaking or counter surfing we can help. Want your pet to be a perfect neighbor? “Manners 101” is the place to start. Children must be 14 years or older. This is a class for puppies and adult dogs 6 week course $85.00
7 Dog Limit

Obedience for Agility
Everyone wants to jump into agility as soon as they have completed the Manners 101 class. but it it takes more than a fast dog that jumps high. In obedience for agility we will teach you the fundamental skills you will need in agility to be successful.  We start with the true obedience skills and then demonstrate how we expand and apply them into the agility dog. From sit stays, to sends, to wraps and lateral movement.  This is the place to start if agility is in your future. Children must be 14 years or older.  Dogs will be off leash and must be under control at all times.       Prerequisite Manners 101 with a strong stay and recall 6 week course $85.00 7 Dog Limit



Thursday, June 9, 2016

Update on White Tipped Tail

Update on White Tipped Tail

An update to the cat named White Tipped Tail story... Maureen has captured her friend and he (she thinks it is a boy) spent the night in a cat condo.. She has felt terrible all night as she believes she betrayed his trust.. But today will be a better day as she has already contacted the vet and he will be feliine leukemia tested first and if negative will be neutered and updated his shots.. Her long term plan is to try and let him join the Morty and Oscar show, but if that does not work let him return to his outdoor world... feed him every night but let him come and go as he pleases... she feels he is young so anything is possible... I do hope things work out for him... Pictures to follow of our new addition...

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Cat Named White Tipped Tail

Maureen and a cat named White Tipped Tail

Maureen has been stalking this cat for a couple of months now.. I was coming late at night at first (1/2 in the am) she would leave food out for it but eventually the racoons found the feast and would clean the bowl before the cat got to it.. Result we trapped and disposed of a few racoons. But being racoon they kept on coming and broughts friends. that forced Maureen watch the food and chase the racoons away when they would come, but they got smart and would not leave.. Maureen vs Racoons they won.. So on to the next plan put food out at 6 pick up food at dusk.. Finally the cat figured it out but did not come regularly.. Well that is now resolved this is a picture with the cat hanging out with Maureen... I will post more later.. She has now earned the title Crazy Cat Lady


And a little Video


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Gem City Trial May 5


I spent the early morning at the Gem City Agility Trial  watching 2 of our students... Colleen and Cooper , Ruth and Ponto... Both did really well qualifying in the excellent jumper class... Wanted to stay for the day both chores are calling... 

The course How would you run it??

Colleen and Cooper

Ruth and Ponto

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Different Strokes

Different Strokes

For Different Folks 

Practicing all the time can sometime lead to a lot of boredom, so our advance class instructor Ron Trainer likes to fill in at times with a longer more difficult short course to keep things interesting and keep the group focused...
Remember our focus here at Big Times is that agility is made up of a series of challenges which we counter with a series of specific skills.. Thus we have a tendency to teach and practice SKILLS.. Which at times can become frustrating and boring...
As you will see in the following videos 2 people, 2 different ideas, 2 different skills and 2 different executions...
Which one is right.. Both..
They worked..
Is there a better way in each case sure, but these 2 handlers reacted to what they were presented with by their dog.
I guess you call that Handling..

Colleen and Cooper


Lisa and Cisco


Sunday, March 20, 2016

AKC Nationals

Running Agility

I do not profess to be a writer but I would like to put some thoughts out there to consider.
After spending the greater part of the last 2 days watching the Agility Nationals I have come to the conclusion basics are where it is at.  From start lines stays to driving to the finish.  More dogs failed because of simple miscues from the handler. Some of the weak basics start line stays, wraps, sends and go outs.  And people forget the natural cues like movement, shoulders and eye contact.  So many stopped at jumps causing the dog to stop.  The surprising thing is the weaves were really not a problem for the better dogs but the basics were.
Here at Big Times we are are into basics, nothing fancy just the basics. We pride ourselves on looking at lots of course, pulling out the problem areas and presenting basic solutions to the problems to our students.  
If your really interested in doing agility it starts in a basic beginners class with good sit stays, come on recall and walking on leash.  Nothing fancy just basic good manners.
Not much else to say except you sure can learn a lot watching the AKC National Agility Championships.....
 Well got to get back to watching !!!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Queen City Agility

March 6th I got the chance to run down to Queen City and watch 3 of our students show their stuff.. The fact that they are all at the excellent Level made it easier.. Here is Ruth and Ponto's Jumpers run.
The team is a well oiled machine and showed it Sunday.  Big Times Kennel was well represented..

Ruth and Ponto