Sunday, May 17, 2015

Update on Nick and Storm

Periodically we get notes from former students updating us on what they are doing. Nick Feathergill and his dog Storm came to us to get a little better sit stay and a little more control over Storm in highly excitable situations. Storm is being trained for search and rescue duties and would get just a little too excited when going to working.  Nick was kind enough to send me an update on their progress. Needless to say we are quite proud of Nick and Storm and we were only too glad to help. Here is Nick and Storm honing some new skills

Storm Getting Ready to Work

Mr. Cool

And Here We Go

UP UP and Away

Good Luck to Nick Feathergill and StormWe hope to see you soonDon't be a stranger!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Brad Pitt does Agility

Maureen and Brad

It has been about 2 years since Brad Pitt made his way into our world.  He was brought to us after 2 people had captured him running loose.  The idea was we would temporarily hold him for them till a better situation could be found.  One person returned to donate some money for expenses the other (who's wife works for a local rescue organization and a neighbor as well) was never heard from again.  As those in the know, know the easy part of pet rescue is getting the dog, the hard part is finding a home.  And with this rescue being a pit bull it was and is nearly impossible.  So we accepted our fate and Brad became part of the family. That was about 2 years ago and today Mr. Brad has attended a year of Manners 101 training.  Not because he is dumb but like our other dogs we wanted him to be very good and being a pit bull we wanted him to be good around other dogs and people and therefore we exposed him to lots of  things.  After the 101 classes Maureen decided that Brad needed a job and that job would be agility so he was signed up for pre-agility.  Brad did well taking to all the obstacles especially if it involved food ( cheese being the best) he was all for it.  He spent 2 sessions in pre-agility and is just completing his 3rd session in Agility 101.  Maureen is not looking for him to compete but to keep him active and around others.  To date he is doing well in all phases of the game.  His only draw back has been the weave poles as he is a little timid of those sticks being in the way. But progress is being made and I am sure Mr. Brad will want to please Ms Maureen and eventually do them (more so I think he will do them for his treat)  So here are some candid shots of Maureen and Brad.


Brad in Class

Brad shopping at the pet store

Brad doing agility

Brad doing agility but looking for the treats

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Grooming Room Remodel

After attending a trade show in the fall the decision was made that our groom room needed an update.
With that said, we met with Bob Lutz of the UltraLift  company and started the process. A new grooming table was purchased at the show and plans were made to purchase a new tub which would raise and lower so Maureen would not have to lift dogs into the tub and the height of the tub would be adjustable depending on the size of the dog.  The tub project was to begin sometime after the first of the year.  Plans were made to redo the entire south wall which included a lot of demolition, plumbing and electrical work. The project is almost complete as only the central cabinet needs to have a ceramic tile top put on it.

Maureen Starts the Demolition

Phase 1 complete

Almost Finished

Testing It Out

Thelma getting her bath

Going down and out to the dryer

Monday, May 11, 2015

Our Youngest Handler

Morgan and Lady Bird

Morgan is our youngest handler (being a lady I cannot reveal her age) and has been with us for awhile. Lady Bird is Border Collie so she adapted to the change of agility very well.  Morgan is an exceptional handler and an instructors dream. She take direction well, listens well and always gives a 100% effort.  Never has she showed frustration with Lady Bird in spite of Lady Bird being probably the toughest dog to handle in all the classes.  Lady Bird has her own agenda and Morgan spends a great of her class time keeping her on the straight and narrow. When  Morgan and Lady Bird are on they make a very good team...

Friday, May 8, 2015

Wednesday Agility Part 2

Gina and Darla

Like Lisa Gina has been in the program a number of years, in fact so long she was training here before the barn and is on her 3rd dog... Unfortunately the injury bug continues to hurt her progress but she continues to work her way thru the numerous problems... Right now Darla is experiencing some nail issues so we have moved her down a jump height and she continues on... Gina has come thru some really trying times and is now showing great progress as Darla really enjoys running and barking and jumping and barking and climbing and barking... But she stays the course and does it all...  Darla is always entertaining and has done well in the agility competitions she has entered... Like Lisa, Gina has the bug as she goes crazy when she does not get into an event... It has been a long journey but being dedicated and focused Gina is now seeing a lot of progress...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday Agility Classes

Wednesday nights are devoted to our to our more advanced agility classes... Both the 301 and 401 classes under the watchful eye of their instructors John Reilly and Ron Trainer prepare for their upcoming trials... It is the goal of these 2 instructors to expose this group to the difficult course challenges they will encounter in their agility careers... We pride our selves at Big Times to keep our students on the front of the agility course curve and up to date on the latest trends without ignoring the not so fun basics.... Over the next couple of days I will introduce you to the our students in these 2 classes...

Agility 301

Lisa & Cisco
1 Q in Nov JWW
2 Q's in Nov Std 
1 Q in T2B
Lisa and Cisco started many years ago in our Manners Classes.. Slowly they transitioned in the agility world with no real intention to compete... It was more a night out with the dog and friends... over the years they not only developed a group of agility friends but also got better  at agility and caught the bug... Moving thru Pre agility to Agility 101 and then 201 was not an easy task and Lisa questioned whether she would ever get out of the 201 class..  Well not only is she and Cisco in 301 but they have started competing... It started with trips down to Cincinnati on Friday nights and now they are in the competition ring.... You can always tell when someone is into it as they start complaining when they do not get into an event...  


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hey Look who is Back

Some old friends made it thru the hunting season and the cold winter to come back and visit..

Our 2 Bucks