Sunday, April 24, 2016

Different Strokes

Different Strokes

For Different Folks 

Practicing all the time can sometime lead to a lot of boredom, so our advance class instructor Ron Trainer likes to fill in at times with a longer more difficult short course to keep things interesting and keep the group focused...
Remember our focus here at Big Times is that agility is made up of a series of challenges which we counter with a series of specific skills.. Thus we have a tendency to teach and practice SKILLS.. Which at times can become frustrating and boring...
As you will see in the following videos 2 people, 2 different ideas, 2 different skills and 2 different executions...
Which one is right.. Both..
They worked..
Is there a better way in each case sure, but these 2 handlers reacted to what they were presented with by their dog.
I guess you call that Handling..

Colleen and Cooper


Lisa and Cisco