Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Time

As always our training slows down in the summer time as most of our students are vacationing or transporting kids who are vacationing... But Things are still hopping around the kennel.. We are fortunate again this year to be able to watch our Bluebird family....
The 5 Babies

An Endless Meal
By Mom & Dad



Sunday, June 8, 2014

Classes Over looking Back

When Classes end I always go thru withdrawal as my evenings are suddenly open and the Training Facility is not calling me... Summer has set in and the manner summer chores are instead beckoning me... But I always like to look back at the pictures of classes.. I never take enough and I am not a good photographer, but here are some of my better photos..
Champ----Mia--- Sadie

To all our students (4 legged and 2 legged) we miss you and hope to see you again in the fall....