Friday, April 26, 2013

SPRING ??????

Has Spring arrived or is this just a practice run?  Seems like part of the Big Times clan got a bath and groom..



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Canine Good Citizen

Each session we try to have a canine good citizen class... An American Kennel Club sponsored  program... Hard work and dedication made these dogs and handlers better canine citizens... I am happy to say all are going on in their training....Knowing where they all started and looking at them today, just makes you want to smile...

Session 2 2013 CGC CLASS

Left to right
Samantha & Judie, Gabby & Samantha, Maggie & Kathy,
 Marcus & Karen, Thelma & Bob, Jasper & Gary....
What a wonderful group of dogs Bernese, Great Dane, Golden, Collie, Stafford shire and a Poodle..  Thanks you Larry for another great class..