Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let the Dog Do It

Sometimes things are better left to the dog I guess. "Fast" is an AKC agility game. The object of the game is to gather as many points as possible in a designated time... Each obstacle is given a value, you can only do an obstacle once and you can get bonus points if you do the Challenge.. The challenge is a series of obstacle which are done in a certain order with the handler having to be a certain distance away from the dog.. At Wesson's level I had to be 10 foot away from any obstacle in the series... Wesson had very little direction from me as he had the zoomies and zipped around the course having a good old time... Funny thing is he scored enough points to place second... I think I am liking "Fast" as all I need to do is start him and finish him..
Sometimes things are better left to the Dog....
Sometimes it is Better for the Dog to do it himself

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Week Ago

Well a week ago Mr Wesson was the king of the hill in Open Standard... This week we had a change.. Instead of being the master of the contact  Mr Wesson decided he did not want to even go near the contacts. The first video is my Friday run when he demonstrated to me his sudden dislike for contacts..


The Weekend Results

Well, overall the weekend was pretty good.  No Q's for Wesson but he did show improvement with each run.  Saturday in Jumpers he only missed the entry to the weaves  and though he did not qualify, he did have the fastest 16 inch time so the run was very promising.  His standard time was bad but contrary to the other standard runs he did not avoid the contact obstacles and, in fact, went right up them.  Of course on the A-Frame and dog walk the issue was coming down.. I will post video as soon as I receive them from Agile Images.
The big News of the weekend was that Maureen's white Angora doe "Big Times Rhea" took a Best In Show at the Springfield Rabbit show on Sunday.  There was a combined 1999 rabbits entered.
Maureen, Best in Show Judge Stacy and Big Times Rhea
Here is a judging photo as Stacy reviews Rhea
And, yes, there is Maureen in the background getting nervous