Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Colleen and Cooper

Saturday February 25th was a big day for Collen and Cooper as they were entered in thier first AKC Agility Trial. Nerves were high and Cooper could feel the excitment and tension as he did not want to be in his crate nor left alone.

Sometimes The waiting is the hardest part

The First Run

Boy Look at that Start Line Stay

Ruth and Kerrie

Ruth and Kerrie also ran this weekend and our little 8 inch tornado did well.  In both her standard run and her jumpers run Kerrie had one of the fastest times of the day all heights.  Lots of good times ahead for this little one as she will be a competitor to watch in the future.

8 inch Excellent Standard

8 inch open Jumpers

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Class Update

Classes are filling up.. All agility classes are now full as well as all 201 manners classes.
We do have a few openings in the late Manners 101 classes on Monday and Tuesday evenings.
Call the Kennel at 937-885-3427 should you want to sign up.. 

Groups are small

Attention Please

What a  nice Sit

Buns Getting Big

The Baby Bunnies are growing up... Maureen is sure she has 2 Does and 2 Bucks... I can tell she is still not sure as there has been no talk on names... If her sexing of the buns is correct maybe the Mamas and Papas would work... not too many groups out there with 2 and 2.. The Whites appear to be the girls and the colored appear to be the boys....

Is this a girl or a boy

Figuring out how to eat hay

Laura/Wesson Update

Laura had a good weekend in Zanesville at the Parkersburg Agility Trial.  She finished the weekend with 2 firsts and 2 seconds, placing in every event she was entered.

 Wesson continues to improve as he is learning to take directions better and learning to control his speed... He does continue to have a problem of knowing when to slow down a bit, but I think that is probably a good thing.  No Q's this weekend but a good outing and a great learning experience for dog and handler..

Gem City this weekend at a new site... Clark County Fairgrounds and we are looking forward to seeing if our practice sessions had any effect....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bunny Update

The Buns continue to grow and learn about the world they live in.  Today marked a couple of firsts, first time they all climbed out of the nest box, first time one of them actually ate a piece of hay, first time they experienced the taste of oats.  Mr/Ms Tort actually climbed back into the nest box using a litter mate as a step stool to do it.. Team work I guess is what you call it...

Thinking about getting out

1 Out and Free

Mr/Ms Chocolate

The Jury is out on the actual sexes of the Buns I guessing 3 Does and 1 Buck

Session 2 Classes

As we come to end of session 1 classes things are looking good.. Lots of improvement in our 101 classes and our 201 manners class is getting set to take their CGC test next week and in agility a new competitor is getting ready to come out...

Here a 101 Class is doing a sit stay in front of an ongoing agility class

Emma and Romey working on Sit Stay

Nitro working on his weaves

Classes are filling up for the session beginning Feb 27th
Call the office should you have any questions
sign up now before you get shut out
Applications available on the web site at
go to the bottom of the training page,
as there is a link there to pull up the form

Friday, February 3, 2012

Buns Getting Big

As promised here is the update on the Baby Bunnies born on the 22nd of January. As you can see they are getting big and we are down to 4 due to a feeding accident.  But on a good note the remaining 4 are doing well and very healthy and very very active, making it tough to get a picture...

They Never Stay Still

Right Side Up

After Breakfast Ready for a Nap

More Weekend Results

Laura was not the only one to make a big splash at this past weekends event, Ruth and Kerrie as well as Connie and Rufus made their mark.  Ruth and Kerrie got 3 firsts in their open Standard runs and followed that with a first in open Jumpers fast in Novice fast. Ruth and Kerrie will now move into Excellent A in Standard. 
Connie and Rufus continued to do well in Excellent B with a 2nd place in their Standard run.  This was a class and jump height loaded with talent and 40 plus dogs were entered in the class at her jump height. 

"Kerrie" the Corgi & "Rufus" the Doberman
Take a time out from training for a picture 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekend Results

This weekend Laura, Wesson and I visited Circle G Ranch and competed in the Dayton Dog Training Club's agility event... The 3 day event was long but very rewarding. Laura ran her first 20 inch competition and finished with 5 first places, dropping only 1 bar on her first run of the weekend.. Weave poles remain her worst obstacle but she ran well and seemed to enjoy the short height.. Wesson Run well and showed alot of promise as he finished his Novice Fast title with a 2nd place and got his first Open Jumpers leg with a first place against alot of competition.  He was the only dog to qualify and he did it with alot of speed and a 100 score (a flawless run)

Wesson and Laura with their winnings

Bunny Update

Well The buns are growing and I am not keeping up with their progress...

Here Mom is checking in on the kids they are 3 days old 

Unfortunately Mom doesn't stay for breakfast

And Maureen has to assist with the meal

And as they are fed Laura makes sure everyone is OK

Buns are now 11 days old and I will update with pictures tomorrow
As they were born 1/22/2012