Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ruth and Kerrie

Ruth and Kerrie

Another exciting Run... This time it is Ruth and Kerrie's Standard Run... Unfortunately it was a DQ but still a great run as Ruth preps for the Nationals... Big Times Students add a comment as to where the DQ occurred... Students also notice where motion and non motion made it all happen.. Just a great run by a great little dog...  

Friday, October 9, 2015

Ruth and Ponto

Ruth and Ponto

Ruth and Ponto a great team... Here Ponto is running the standard course at the Gem city event at the Clark County Fairgrounds..  Good separation... Notice the layering at the weaves.. Just a really nice run by a great dog... Clear signals,  good distance, good stays  and good solid contacts resulting in a very smooth run... Congrads to Ruth and Ponto on a nice Q....

Friday, October 2, 2015

Our Pre-Agility Class

Pre-Agility Class 

Our pre-agility class ended their last class of session 4 with a series of short runs.. I am pleased to say they all did very well.. All students were completing their first agility class with new dogs..  All dogs completed our basic Manners 101 class...  and due to age all are running well below thier jump height, just working on sit stays, running between the uprights, hitting the contacts and working on the weave poles..

Connie and Cooper

Connie has been thru the agility grid with 2 other dogs... Her first dog was a Dalmatian who unfortunately passed away much too early...  Her second dog was a Dobie who competed for a number of years but developed health problems and had to be retired.   Suddenly Connie found herself without a partner... BINGO turns out Connie's daughter has a dog sitting around doing nothing.. So in comes Mr. Cooper

Ruth and Nemoy

This is Ruth's third dog doing agility... As her 2 older dogs have reached their pinnacle, it was time to get a new dog into the system.. After  some serious looking Ruth decided on a rescue dog from an organization in Hamilton area and brought home Nemoy.. A something, something and something mix... Seems everybody sees something different... Building on the success of her 2 Mach dogs Ruth got right to her obedience training..  Manners 101 was completed and so Mr Nemoy's agility career got started..

Steve and Reilly (great name)

Steve and Reilly are the true newbies to agility  as this is Steve's first run at the sport and this Reilly's first go at it as well.. The team  has made great progress and should be able to compete by mid 2016 if all goes well...