Sunday, November 17, 2013

Session 5 Tuesday Classes

Here are some random photos of our Tuesday classes. Again stays are always a good thing... Tuesdays saw a big variety of breeds Newfs, Bulldogs, Labs, pit bulls,  BC's and our favorite All-Americans... Pre-agility went well with introductions to many of the obstacles with lots of surprises (everyone did the high dog walk even our Bulldog, "Puzzles").. Hopefully we will see everyone in January....

                                        Shoreby has the Down Stay Perfected

Michael & Tiffany work on a down
Rita and Emmi work on the Stay
Becky and Harley

Agility class does Obedience 
And then we ad distractions


Session 5 Monday Classes

Boy how quickly time passes.. Session 5 will be winding down this week and a lot of our 4 and 2 legged friends will be moving on... This has been a great session lots of repeats making big strides and lots of true beginners getting their feet wet and doing well.. Here are some random pictures of our Monday classes.... Boy look at that attention....

A Great Down Stay
Audrey and Whitney
Renee and Rossi
Nellie May (Dobie) & Max (Mastiff)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Starting Weaves and Contacts

The Pre-Agility class started their weaves and contacts instructions last night and everyone did well... All the four legged participants surprised their handlers by staying in the channel weaves and on the low dog walk and driving to the target... Lots of fun and great anticipation for things to come....

Brad Goes Straight  to the Treat

Valor Hitting the Target
Duke Running the Channel Weaves
Brad Enjoying a Run

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Session 5

Well Monday night October 14th turned out to be very exciting as Session 5 had it's opening classes.... Lots of wonderful dogs and their owners... from a Swiss Mountain dog to a English Bulldog they were all shapes and sizes..

Just Getting Started

Marie and Jazzy (German Shepherd)
Audrey and Whitney (Afghan) 
Onyx and Kaden

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Session 5 Classes Starting Soon

Session  Starts the week of October 14 and there are some spaces left in some of the classes... If you have not signed up yet you need to do so now before there that no spaces left....  Just visit the web site at and grab an application blank  (the link is at the bottom of the training page) fill it out and send it in with your check... Any questions please feel free to call the kennel 937-885-3427...

2013 Class Schedule Session 5

Monday October 14
6:30pm Manners 101
6:30pm Pre-Therapy
8:00pm Manners 101
8:00pm After Manners 101

Tuesday October 15
6:30pm Manners 101
8:00pm Pre-Agility

Wednesday October 16
11:30am Manners 101
6:30pm Agility 301
8:00pm Agility 401

Thursday October 17
6:30pm Agility 101
8:00pm Agility 201
Don't know which class to take, just call us 937-885-3427

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's Agility Time

Agility is in full swing and the dogs are loving it....

Boiler and Mike

Cisco and Lisa

Kerrie and Ruth
Duke and Theresa

Monday, September 23, 2013

Kathy and Miley

Congratulations to Kathy and Miley on leaving Open Standard behind and moving onto the Excellent Level... A long difficult trip many tears and frustrations but persistence and dedication got the job done...
Congrads to a great team!!!!

Kathy and Miley

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Down Night

This week the classes focused on Downs, Down stays and of course Stays with distractions.. Always lots of fun as a lot of the stay exercises are with the handler not holding the leash.. Lots of nervous people...

The Down
Step 1
Intro Treat
Step 2
Follow the hand
Step 3
The Down

Sunday, September 1, 2013

And Classes Begin

Last week was our first week of classes and we started off with a BANG... All classes full and everyone showed up..  A few missed the training center and ended up at the kennel but were quickly redirected to the Training Facility..

Manners 101

Starting with the Flip
Nothing Like Attention
Larry Reviewing the Evening's Work

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

An Opportunity is Knocking

Canine Trainer Apprentice Program

Ever think you might want to learn the ins and outs of training dogs?
I am looking for 1 person to enter our trainer apprentice  program…
This is a very special position for a very special person….

Exceptional people skills
You will be dealing with a lot of very special people who are dedicated to their canine.

Clear speaking voice
It gets loud in the training facility

Desire to compete in one of the many dog activities available
Competitors make the best instructors as they are generally always up on the latest techniques

 Your own dog to attend a class with
You need to practice with something.... They can be old or they can be young

 Available a minimum of 1 night a week
You’ll be working at least one night a week observing, helping and demonstrating...

Apprenticeship times vary depending on how fast and how well you accept and work within our training system... Apprenticeships usually last from 1 to 3 sessions..

 If you are what we are looking for, you will be offered a position to join our training staff at the completion of your training... 

Interested or know someone who might be interested/   Have them Contact John at 937-885-3427

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Mr. Wesson is finally making progress and seems to be headed in the right direction.  As you know last October he suddenly and unexpectedly ran into some issues. Mainly he became horrified of everything to do with agility... The judge, the obstacles, the jumps and the thought of working inside the ring... Event after event we struggled just to get him to stay in the building... Then we struggled to have him stay in the ring... Then it was getting him ok with the judge (male and female).. then it was working the jumps, 1 jump out, then 2 jumps out and so on... Contacts came last ...
Each Friday night if there was a  run thru at Queen City we were there.  We have not Q'ed since October of 2012... I wish I could say we have not run nor entered any trials but I felt the way to get him over the issues were to hit them head on... little successes and little triumphs... With each step making sure he was successful and had appositive good time.. Lots of trials, lots of disappointments and a lot f frustration..
We seem to be getting there as he pretty much completed a course in spite of my sometimes poor handling and positioning.. Great contacts, much improved weaves and the speed and focus was greatly improved... He is happy and running and we are making real progress... Maybe just maybe we are back on track...
Here is his August 9 run at Queen City (Thanks Cindy for the video)


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Double "C" Colleen and Cooper

Colleen and Cooper had a long hard difficult road.. A lot of people would of thrown in the towel but because of her love and devotion to her "Cooper" she never did.  At 3 Cooper began his agility career with a first place in Novice A Jumpers.. But the real story is about his 3 years before agility.. 
After a couple of manners classes Colleen felt she was ready for agility, after all she had a Border Collie ( the breed that excels in the sport).. That all sounded good but little did Colleen know the battle she was about to enter was going to be long and hard..  Turns out there was not much Cooper was not afraid of... You name a contact obstacle and Cooper didn't like it..  Fortunately Colleen saw the potential and accepted the challenge.. Her attitude was "we will conquer these fears if it takes forever" and it almost did...  If I remember correctly first it was the A-Frame, then the dog walk and then the dreaded teeter.. None were easy and nothing was done in a few days rather the process generally took months... Each obstacle was a battle with a little victory everyday.. But sometimes the battle is worth the victory, the end goal, the crowning touch.... Born in March of 2009 Cooper got his first "Q" at Queen City in March of 2012 and has not stopped since.. A little over a year after that first "Q" Cooper has many "Q's" and is known as "Cooper IX AX AXJ XF" (Excellent level Standard, Jumpers and Fast)

I congratulate Colleen and her wonderful Cooper.....

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Arnold's Isabella MX AXJ OF

Miss Izzy
Issy was born in the spring of 2010 and started her  obedience training in the fall of that year... Since then not much has stopped the big red dog on her quest to excel... After going through the Manners classes Issy moved to agility where her focus and her love for running and jumping kicked in and took over... Her first qualifying run came in May of 2012 at the Hamilton Dog Club trial and she started with a 2nd place ribbon for her performance in Novice Standard... In the 12 months following Issy has gone from Novice to Masters in both Standard and Jumpers...  and is presently in Excellent Fast..
Mom Rechecking the Course
I look I got It!! I am Ready to GO
The Now Famous Start Line Stay

It was not been an easy road as Issy and Cindy have more than once been plagued with those demons of the agility world... Demanding tight turns are not always a blessing but with Cindy's patients and love for the friend she got in the parking lot at Tractor Supply she is managing her way through it... Double Q's are now the issue as Cindy and Issy rack up points the Double Q's are not keeping pace... Izzy covers over 4 1/2 yards a second in her Standard runs and with a flowing course in Jumpers she is over 5 yards a second...
Fast Weaves


So our congratulations to Cindy Arnold and her big red dog
Arnold's Isabella MX AXJ OF

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Session 3

Session 3 classes are underway and everyone is getting into this training stuff
Erin Giving Instructions to Her 101 Class
Buddy Learning to Flip

Stay Means Stay
Unless You Would Rather be Held
Pre-Agility Group
German Short Haired Pointer
and is that an Afghan????

Friday, April 26, 2013

SPRING ??????

Has Spring arrived or is this just a practice run?  Seems like part of the Big Times clan got a bath and groom..



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Canine Good Citizen

Each session we try to have a canine good citizen class... An American Kennel Club sponsored  program... Hard work and dedication made these dogs and handlers better canine citizens... I am happy to say all are going on in their training....Knowing where they all started and looking at them today, just makes you want to smile...

Session 2 2013 CGC CLASS

Left to right
Samantha & Judie, Gabby & Samantha, Maggie & Kathy,
 Marcus & Karen, Thelma & Bob, Jasper & Gary....
What a wonderful group of dogs Bernese, Great Dane, Golden, Collie, Stafford shire and a Poodle..  Thanks you Larry for another great class..

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monday Classes

It is always such a thrill when it all comes together.... Monday Manners 101 Classes

Long Sit Stays

Abby - Snickers -Murphy - Zoey
All Puppies
Where are those Owners
Shelby - Shia - Dawson - Cooper
All Puppies

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wednesday Morning Class

Always a popular class the Wednesday morning class is usually the first to fill...
Here is a little glance at our Puppies in Class
Heidi good attention, nice sit
Wally showing off and mom thought I could never be good
Pepper gets a nice sit stay with distraction
Mia nails  a sit at mom's side
Chase waiting for his reward