Saturday, May 31, 2014

Issy Does it Big

It all began with a dog named Issy
Some Instruction and Lots And Lots of Classes
A Little Down Time Between Practice  Runs

Followed by Lots And Lots of Practice

End Result a Mach Title for Cindy and Issy
MACH Arnold's Isabella MX MXB MXJ MJB XF
Photo: Issy's first MACH  She's an awsome dog.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trail Cam

As many of you know we have a trail cam in the wooded area behind the house.. It is amazing some of the interesting wild life we capture only steps away from our house..

A Squirrel

A DP&L Guy

Our Cat Oscar

And a Mysterious "Lost Lady of the Woods"
Another Photo of her a week later Still lost and Wondering

Issy and Cindy's Big Weekend

Dayton Dog Training...  Dayton Ohio ... April 25/26/27 .... The Dog Arnold's Isabella..
The Handler Cindy Arnold..
Issy and Cindy tore up the courses at Dayton Dog Agility event attaining 3 double Q's with 3 first place runs, 2 second place runs and 1 forth place run all at the Masters level... Truly a weekend to remember...

Issy with some of her Ribbons
1 of Issy's Winning Runs
What a great team a tractor Supply dog and a dedicated owner.. Those tough times now seem like they never happened.. Next stop Machville for this team...
Congrads on a great weekend....