Friday, November 20, 2015

Dan and Smedley

Dan and Smedley

Here is Dan and Smedley working the Wednesday course.. This is our newest team to the competition side of agility... The team has been attending classes a little over a year now.. Entering their first trial last month..  Going 1 for 4 Dan felt disappointed but the group saw a lot of potential in the team.. with another just around the corner I am sure we will see a lot of progress.  Here is Team Smedley working the Wednesday course..

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Practice Contacts...

Here are Colleen and Cooper practicing contacts.. On both the High Walk and A frame Colleen make sure Cooper gets a full contact hit..  Cooper tried to cut the contact short but colleen with a watchful eye kept him on task...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Practice with Colleen and Cooper

Colleen and Cooper

Here is Colleen and Cooper doing the Wednesday course.
Colleen has struggled lately with contacts so she is being extra careful that Mr. Cooper hits them.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Ruth and Kerrie

At the end of class Wednesday the students all ran the full course.. The biggest problem occurred at the tunnel to weave poles.. First the dogs had to avoid taking the off course jump coming out of the tunnel and then they had to navigate a difficult weave entrance... The night had a lot of frustrating moments but practice worked it all out... Here Kerrie and Ruth successfully put it together...

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ruth and Kerrie

Ruth and Kerrie

Another exciting Run... This time it is Ruth and Kerrie's Standard Run... Unfortunately it was a DQ but still a great run as Ruth preps for the Nationals... Big Times Students add a comment as to where the DQ occurred... Students also notice where motion and non motion made it all happen.. Just a great run by a great little dog...  

Friday, October 9, 2015

Ruth and Ponto

Ruth and Ponto

Ruth and Ponto a great team... Here Ponto is running the standard course at the Gem city event at the Clark County Fairgrounds..  Good separation... Notice the layering at the weaves.. Just a really nice run by a great dog... Clear signals,  good distance, good stays  and good solid contacts resulting in a very smooth run... Congrads to Ruth and Ponto on a nice Q....

Friday, October 2, 2015

Our Pre-Agility Class

Pre-Agility Class 

Our pre-agility class ended their last class of session 4 with a series of short runs.. I am pleased to say they all did very well.. All students were completing their first agility class with new dogs..  All dogs completed our basic Manners 101 class...  and due to age all are running well below thier jump height, just working on sit stays, running between the uprights, hitting the contacts and working on the weave poles..

Connie and Cooper

Connie has been thru the agility grid with 2 other dogs... Her first dog was a Dalmatian who unfortunately passed away much too early...  Her second dog was a Dobie who competed for a number of years but developed health problems and had to be retired.   Suddenly Connie found herself without a partner... BINGO turns out Connie's daughter has a dog sitting around doing nothing.. So in comes Mr. Cooper

Ruth and Nemoy

This is Ruth's third dog doing agility... As her 2 older dogs have reached their pinnacle, it was time to get a new dog into the system.. After  some serious looking Ruth decided on a rescue dog from an organization in Hamilton area and brought home Nemoy.. A something, something and something mix... Seems everybody sees something different... Building on the success of her 2 Mach dogs Ruth got right to her obedience training..  Manners 101 was completed and so Mr Nemoy's agility career got started..

Steve and Reilly (great name)

Steve and Reilly are the true newbies to agility  as this is Steve's first run at the sport and this Reilly's first go at it as well.. The team  has made great progress and should be able to compete by mid 2016 if all goes well... 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Ponto Shows His Stuff

Ruth and Ponto do their stuff with a really good Standard run at Hamilton..

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Celebrity Boards at Big Times

Petey Caraway is presently boarding with us while his mom is vacationing.. It seem Petey had an incident recently that made the National news and drew attention to a serious health concerns for our pets.. 

Pet Talk: Portland veterinarian launches xylitol awareness campaign

When Phyllis Caraway heard a strange crunching sound one fateful Saturday night, she found that her 20-pound spaniel mix had gobbled up nine pieces of her sugar-free gum.
After researching the gum's ingredient list online, Caraway quickly learned about the dangers that xylitol, a sugar alcohol used as a sweetener, poses for dogs.
 "I almost could not believe what I was reading," she says. "It scared me to death."
Caraway immediately called the ASPCA Animal Poison Control hotline and learned how to induce vomiting in Petey just in the nick of time.
Luckily, Petey is fine now. But when Caraway, who lives in Ohio, discovered on social media a Portland veterinarian's petitions for better xylitol labeling, she was only too happy to sign up.
Dr. Jason Nicholas, of Preventive Vet, devotes his practice to helping pet owners prevent emergencies. 
So when he discovered that some specialty nut butter companies were using xylitol as a sweetener, he made it his mission to educate pet owners and enlist product manufacturers to include pet alerts.
Dog owners use peanut butter in a plethora of ways: to make medication more enticing, to reward dogs during training sessions, and to fold into homemade snacks.
"Peanut butter is one of those things pet owners use a lot of, and pet owners should know what's in it," says Dr. Heidi Houchen of VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists in Clackamas. "Of all the food we give them, that's a biggie."
If a dog eats a large quantity of peanut butter, it will likely suffer from pancreatitis, Nicholas says, but a dog that eats peanut butter with xylitol – even a small amount – can potentially die.
Aside from nut butters, xylitol is being added to an ever-increasing list of products ranging from sugar-free gum and candies to vitamins and supplements to ice cream and yogurt.
So far, Nicholas and his team have identified more than 700 products containing the sugar substitute and invite people to add to the list. 
Why xylitol is harmful 
In humans, xylitol helps curb bacterial growth, lowering the risk of cavities and ear infections. It contains fewer calories than sugar and doesn't raise blood glucose, so it's good for diabetics.
Yet canines metabolize it much differently than we do, and even a minuscule amount can be extremely dangerous or even fatal.
In dogs, xylitol triggers a massive rush of insulin, causing a dog's blood sugar to plummet dangerously quickly.

According to this chart, ingesting just three pieces of sugar-free gum containing xylitol could be enough to kill a 10-pound Yorkie.Graphic courtesy of Preventive Vet 
Just a tiny quantity– 0.1 grams per kilogram - can lead to potentially life-threatening hypoglycemia. Symptoms such as weakness, lethargy, collapsing and seizures can occur within 30 minutes.
Consuming larger amounts can lead to liver failure. There's no antidote for that, only supportive care, so a dog may need to spend several days in a veterinary hospital. That can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.
"This is something so preventable," says Houchen, who estimates her clinic treats at least 30 pets per year for xylitol toxicity.
Contacting product manufacturers
To that end, Nicholas has reached out to the product manufacturers of the five nut butter companies currently including xylitol in their butters

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dan and Smedley

Smedley Likes the Table

After getting all the tough things right Smedley forgets the end and goes to his favorite place the "TABLE".. Wait till you see his weaves... Go Team "Smed"

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Colleen and Cooper get it right

Colleen and Cooper

Colleen and Cooper are working well together.. Colleen layers the dog walk (look at that distance) ... a good contact which sets Colleen up nicely for the wrap and then a nice send to the tire a tight wrap and off to the table....

Cooper Gets It

Expect the Unexpected

Ruth and Kerrie

In each of our agility classes we always try to give the students something new in the way of a course problem... In this class we featured a wrap and a jump over the same jump.. Have not checked the rule book so I am not real sure if it is even legal but we felt it was worth the effort to practice tight wraps.. To add to the problem the wrap was followed by a straight tunnel.. So handlers were stuck at the wrap so the big problem came at the tire...But as you will see the group got it and added another skill to the toolbox.
Here Ruth and Kerrie do the sequence 2 different ways...

      Pivot Wrap

Send and Wrap

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Coming Back

After being caught up in major advertising projects, I am now back to my blog and hopefully I will be able to keep up with things.. So starting tomorrow look for updates.. Not sure of my pace but I will try and get as many up as possible.. We are now on Facebook instrgram twitter and the Blog..
I will do my best.. We will continue with photos and videos of our classes and competitions... always featuring our students, our boarding visitors and events around the kennel , the barn and the community and naturally our lives...

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Threadle Challenge

At this weeks drop in class we featured a threadle challenge

Colleen and Cooper

Ruth and Ponto

Becky and Zoie

2 on and  2 off

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Up and Coming

Becky and Zoey

We always seem to have a dog or 2 on the fast track.   Usually they are the result of an experienced handler getting a new dog.  And that is the story on Becky and her Miniature American Shepherd Zoey.  Zoy just over  2 years of age and has just started her agility career.  As you can see in the video, under the watchful eye and direction of her handler, Zoey is off to a great start.

So Here she is WiggleButt Zoey

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ruth and Ponto

Ruth and Ponto

Every once in a while you run into a "Rock Star" and for Ruth that rock star's name is "Ponto".  Ponto is a 10 year old Aussie with high drive and exceptional skills and is teamed with a dedicated handler.  The team has done exceptionally well, placing as high as 7th in the 20 inch class at the nationals in a jump height dominated by the BC's.  Despite 2 ACL  problems and multiple bumps and bruises the team continues to perform at the highest level. Once Mach 3 was attained the decision was made to move Ponto to thee preferred level and jump him at 16 inches.  That didn't stop them at all.. He might be getting older but he is not slowing down..
Here are his first 7 runs at the new height...
7 Runs  7 1st places  at an average speed of 5.28 yards per sec 

Clermont County Kennel Club, Inc.  


JWW Master Pref 16  




Clermont County Kennel Club, Inc.


STD Master Pref 16




Clermont County Kennel Club, Inc.


JWW Master Pref 16




Miami Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club


JWW Master Pref 16




Miami Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club


STD Master Pref 16




Miami Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club


STD Master Pref 16




Miami Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club


JWW Master Pref 16




May I present Ruth and MACH 3 Ponto MXG MJG OF

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ruth and Cari

Ruth and Cari
Ruth runs 2 dogs presently Cari  a Pembroke Welsh Corgie  at 8 inches and an Australian Shepard Ponto at 20 inches.  Ruth started her agility showing watching her kids doing 4H.. Once they were out of 4H and moved onto other interests Ruth felt it was her turn to play agility.  And play she did.  With Cari the basic training had been done but the precision needed to be successful was not there.  So a retraining program was implemented.  Private lessons, late nights and lots of weekends were dedicated to retrain and refocus the dog as she had many bad agility habits. Contacts were something to ignore or jump over, running to the end of the teeter was just not needed.  These were just a few of the things Ruth and Cari had to overcome.  Time, practice and focus not only got them over them but turned them into a team to watch and fear if you were competing against them.. The team does not know slow.  The result was a couple trips to the National Agility Championships and a National ranking for 8 inch dogs.  The result is a title list which is much bigger than Cari's name and getting longer all the time. Cari is a Master Agility Champion and is 2 double Q's away from being a 
 MACH 2.  The journey is not over yet so there will be more runs, more laurels and more titles.

MACH Caridwen's Spartanica MXS MJS XF T2B2 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dan and Smedley

Dan and Smedley are the newest members to the agility advanced class.  Having started in agility a little over a year ago they have progressed thru the ranks rather quickly.  But it did not come easy, practice sessions at home and 2/3 trips to the barn a week plus classes is what it took.. Dan has not run in his first event yet but is a frequent participant of the Queen City Friday night  practice runs... We do look for the team to compete this fall and I am sure they will do well.. 

 Dan and Smedley

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Becky and Maddie

Maddie and Becky

Becky and her 9 1/2 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi "Maddie" have set the bar very high.. This little old lady blazes the agility courses every times she runs, barking the entire way.  Being an older dog Becky runs Maddie in the preferred classification which means she jumps 1 jump height down from her measured height, so she runs at 4 inches.  As you can see she has earned her Preferred Agility Championship and is working her way up the masters ladder.  She has also had numerous invites to the National Agility Championship Trials and has earned her way into the finals. Not bad for an elderly lady with short legs.  Maddie is one of those dogs you just cannot not watch gifted, fast, exciting and very well handled by her Mom Becky


Sunday, June 7, 2015


Who Says a Boxer Can't Do It!!!

It has been a long tough struggle for Kathy and her 6 year old  boxer Miley.. First the distraction problem where is my Dad, got to find Dad. Oh there he is I'll go see him... Then the smelling the ground thing... I always find something on the ground to eat.  Then the brain glitch 'Sorry, I forgot we were running a course"... Miley nearly drove Kathy crazy many times as time after time great runs were tanked due to Ms Miley smelling , looking around or just plain losing interest...  But Kathy has ventured on, conquering every  problem.  So today Ms Miley is know as Miley XVIII MX MXJ  .  Not a lot of Boxers out there these days.. But when this one gets going she does real well. Here is a short practice session of Kathy and Miley 


Friday, June 5, 2015

Colleen and Cooper

A long long trip but a lot of great results.. Colleen and Cooper have had many set  backs (teeter, dog walk, hitting contacts) but always worked their way thru them... So today they are reaping the benefits of sticking to it and being patient.
Here is one of their recent practice sessions.... Notice rewarding the contact and exaggerating the ques..


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Update on Nick and Storm

Periodically we get notes from former students updating us on what they are doing. Nick Feathergill and his dog Storm came to us to get a little better sit stay and a little more control over Storm in highly excitable situations. Storm is being trained for search and rescue duties and would get just a little too excited when going to working.  Nick was kind enough to send me an update on their progress. Needless to say we are quite proud of Nick and Storm and we were only too glad to help. Here is Nick and Storm honing some new skills

Storm Getting Ready to Work

Mr. Cool

And Here We Go

UP UP and Away

Good Luck to Nick Feathergill and StormWe hope to see you soonDon't be a stranger!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Brad Pitt does Agility

Maureen and Brad

It has been about 2 years since Brad Pitt made his way into our world.  He was brought to us after 2 people had captured him running loose.  The idea was we would temporarily hold him for them till a better situation could be found.  One person returned to donate some money for expenses the other (who's wife works for a local rescue organization and a neighbor as well) was never heard from again.  As those in the know, know the easy part of pet rescue is getting the dog, the hard part is finding a home.  And with this rescue being a pit bull it was and is nearly impossible.  So we accepted our fate and Brad became part of the family. That was about 2 years ago and today Mr. Brad has attended a year of Manners 101 training.  Not because he is dumb but like our other dogs we wanted him to be very good and being a pit bull we wanted him to be good around other dogs and people and therefore we exposed him to lots of  things.  After the 101 classes Maureen decided that Brad needed a job and that job would be agility so he was signed up for pre-agility.  Brad did well taking to all the obstacles especially if it involved food ( cheese being the best) he was all for it.  He spent 2 sessions in pre-agility and is just completing his 3rd session in Agility 101.  Maureen is not looking for him to compete but to keep him active and around others.  To date he is doing well in all phases of the game.  His only draw back has been the weave poles as he is a little timid of those sticks being in the way. But progress is being made and I am sure Mr. Brad will want to please Ms Maureen and eventually do them (more so I think he will do them for his treat)  So here are some candid shots of Maureen and Brad.


Brad in Class

Brad shopping at the pet store

Brad doing agility

Brad doing agility but looking for the treats

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Grooming Room Remodel

After attending a trade show in the fall the decision was made that our groom room needed an update.
With that said, we met with Bob Lutz of the UltraLift  company and started the process. A new grooming table was purchased at the show and plans were made to purchase a new tub which would raise and lower so Maureen would not have to lift dogs into the tub and the height of the tub would be adjustable depending on the size of the dog.  The tub project was to begin sometime after the first of the year.  Plans were made to redo the entire south wall which included a lot of demolition, plumbing and electrical work. The project is almost complete as only the central cabinet needs to have a ceramic tile top put on it.

Maureen Starts the Demolition

Phase 1 complete

Almost Finished

Testing It Out

Thelma getting her bath

Going down and out to the dryer

Monday, May 11, 2015

Our Youngest Handler

Morgan and Lady Bird

Morgan is our youngest handler (being a lady I cannot reveal her age) and has been with us for awhile. Lady Bird is Border Collie so she adapted to the change of agility very well.  Morgan is an exceptional handler and an instructors dream. She take direction well, listens well and always gives a 100% effort.  Never has she showed frustration with Lady Bird in spite of Lady Bird being probably the toughest dog to handle in all the classes.  Lady Bird has her own agenda and Morgan spends a great of her class time keeping her on the straight and narrow. When  Morgan and Lady Bird are on they make a very good team...

Friday, May 8, 2015

Wednesday Agility Part 2

Gina and Darla

Like Lisa Gina has been in the program a number of years, in fact so long she was training here before the barn and is on her 3rd dog... Unfortunately the injury bug continues to hurt her progress but she continues to work her way thru the numerous problems... Right now Darla is experiencing some nail issues so we have moved her down a jump height and she continues on... Gina has come thru some really trying times and is now showing great progress as Darla really enjoys running and barking and jumping and barking and climbing and barking... But she stays the course and does it all...  Darla is always entertaining and has done well in the agility competitions she has entered... Like Lisa, Gina has the bug as she goes crazy when she does not get into an event... It has been a long journey but being dedicated and focused Gina is now seeing a lot of progress...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday Agility Classes

Wednesday nights are devoted to our to our more advanced agility classes... Both the 301 and 401 classes under the watchful eye of their instructors John Reilly and Ron Trainer prepare for their upcoming trials... It is the goal of these 2 instructors to expose this group to the difficult course challenges they will encounter in their agility careers... We pride our selves at Big Times to keep our students on the front of the agility course curve and up to date on the latest trends without ignoring the not so fun basics.... Over the next couple of days I will introduce you to the our students in these 2 classes...

Agility 301

Lisa & Cisco
1 Q in Nov JWW
2 Q's in Nov Std 
1 Q in T2B
Lisa and Cisco started many years ago in our Manners Classes.. Slowly they transitioned in the agility world with no real intention to compete... It was more a night out with the dog and friends... over the years they not only developed a group of agility friends but also got better  at agility and caught the bug... Moving thru Pre agility to Agility 101 and then 201 was not an easy task and Lisa questioned whether she would ever get out of the 201 class..  Well not only is she and Cisco in 301 but they have started competing... It started with trips down to Cincinnati on Friday nights and now they are in the competition ring.... You can always tell when someone is into it as they start complaining when they do not get into an event...  


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hey Look who is Back

Some old friends made it thru the hunting season and the cold winter to come back and visit..

Our 2 Bucks

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

So How are Agility Classes going???

Today we will look at the 101 class.. The class size is a little disappointing but the progress we are making is really good... Unfortunately we only have 3 in the class which means a lot of running and jumping.. Champ and Brad are both complete beginners and Champ is coming in with a new handler..  Your first question is probably "if they are new bees shouldn't they be in Pre-agility"... The truth is all 3 dogs know all the obstacles and will do them, not as well as I would like, so we spend a lot of time on the weaves and better handling skills.. The group is wonderful the handlers are not losing patience with their dogs and each week there is improvement...  We are presently working on skills and getting the dogs and handlers more confidence in what they are doing 

Danielle and Champ

Danielle is a really good handler and has good control of her dog... Champ on the other hand is a real velcro dog sticking right with his handler... Things continue to improve as Champ is slowly moving away from Mom...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Session 2 Tuesday Class

This was a really interesting class.. The first night was the most challenging night I have ever encountered...  The class started with 9 dogs all constantly barking and no one could hear a thing... After struggling through that first night we made good progress.. Unfortunately 4 members of the class dropped out, I felt they were all doing well and making progress but that happens.. Busy lives, cold night what ever... We finished with 5 strong and better behaved dogs..  No barking after week 2... We had 1 repeater who really did well and you could tell the difference in Gordon from the time he entered the building... 2 wonderful rescue dogs and they both finished strong. and 2 young dogs.. All the dogs finished the last night surprising their owners  by exhibiting walking on loose leads coming when called and great sit stays with major distractions  The last night there were no dogs out of control and no barking.... The class was a huge success for the students, the dogs and for me personally...  I congratulate the remaining 5 for sticking with it and not giving up..  On behalf of your dog I thank you for being a good owner and taking me to class...


Roma &Shadow


Suzanne & Willow


Amy & Gordon


Teresa & Coco


Kim & Magnus



Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Session 2 Monday Class

In case you have not guessed, I really enjoy the Manner's 101 classes... It is just fun and reward to see the progress some of these dogs make.. In this class there were leaps and bounds of success.. All the dogs were under 1 year old and some were as young as 16 weeks (minimum age for class) except for Emma who was a 3 year old rescue dog..

Everyone did well walking on leash, come on recall (with some major distractions) and most of the class were successful in placing their dog in a sit stay and leaving the building... just a wonderful group of dogs and handlers... Congrads to all...



Carrie & Charlie


Kathy & Bernie (Fuzz Ball)


Shannon &Ceili


Larry & Emma (our rescue) she got a great new home


Jennifer & Storm


 Mimi & Koda


Friday, April 10, 2015

Session 1 Tuesday Class

It always takes a lot to leave a nice warm house to come out to a very cold hill enter a warm but not toasty barn to spend an evening training your dog..   This group stuck it out through all the cold and snowy weather...

This was one of those classes you just enjoy being around..  2  monster dogs in Eros and Pi..  2 possible agility dogs .. A future therapy dog, a rescue who found a wonderful home, a fuzzy puppy who stressed challenged her Mom,   a lab looking to become a tracking dog and a wonderful lab puppy who was not only the leader of the class but a super nice puppy, who we hope to see in the future..

To the group thanks for letting me meet all these wonderful dogs


Amy & Gordon


Brenda & Heidi


Carly & Millie


Donna & Sadie


Iris & Bella


Lori & Eros


Lori & Pi


Pam & Elffie


Tom & Ellie

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Session 1 Monday Class

Graduating from Manners 101 is always a fun thing.
Here is the Monday class of session 1, 2015
This was a fun class and I really enjoyed watching the progress
they all made..
Nick and Scout are now working with a rescue group
Sherly and Tucker are now working in Agility

The Group Picture


Debbie & Shaq


Kelsey and Louis


Kurt, Doane and Kenna


Marty and Pyper


Nick and Storm


Rick and Jax


Sherly and Tucker


Thursday, March 26, 2015

MACH Arnold's Isabella MXS MJS XF

It has been a long time since my last Blog entry and there is a lot to report on.. Most importantly is our students success on the agility field.. This weekend The AKC National Agility Championship is being held in Reno, Nevada.  Three of our students with 4 of their dogs qualified for the event.  Coming together in Reno are the fastest dogs by jump height.

Cindy Arnold with her dog MACH Arnold's Isabella MXS MJS XF better known as "Issy" 

Becky Brinck with her dog Maddie MXP2 MXPB MJP3 MJPB better know as "Maddie"

 Ruth Miller with her 2 dogs  MACH Caridwen’s Spartanica MXB MJS XF T2Bbetter known as "Cari" and
MACH3 Ponto MXG MJG OF better known as "Ponto"

Unfortunately only 1 of the 3 could take the trek out to Nevada.

Issy the dog bought in the parking lot of a Tractor Supply store...
and this is all about ISSY

Issy will be jumping in the very competitive 20 inch class

 Studying the course


Q'ing up


Last Minute Thoughts


Cindy and Issy's Signature Start


And They are OFF



If you want to follow the action