Sunday, June 30, 2013

Arnold's Isabella MX AXJ OF

Miss Izzy
Issy was born in the spring of 2010 and started her  obedience training in the fall of that year... Since then not much has stopped the big red dog on her quest to excel... After going through the Manners classes Issy moved to agility where her focus and her love for running and jumping kicked in and took over... Her first qualifying run came in May of 2012 at the Hamilton Dog Club trial and she started with a 2nd place ribbon for her performance in Novice Standard... In the 12 months following Issy has gone from Novice to Masters in both Standard and Jumpers...  and is presently in Excellent Fast..
Mom Rechecking the Course
I look I got It!! I am Ready to GO
The Now Famous Start Line Stay

It was not been an easy road as Issy and Cindy have more than once been plagued with those demons of the agility world... Demanding tight turns are not always a blessing but with Cindy's patients and love for the friend she got in the parking lot at Tractor Supply she is managing her way through it... Double Q's are now the issue as Cindy and Issy rack up points the Double Q's are not keeping pace... Izzy covers over 4 1/2 yards a second in her Standard runs and with a flowing course in Jumpers she is over 5 yards a second...
Fast Weaves


So our congratulations to Cindy Arnold and her big red dog
Arnold's Isabella MX AXJ OF