Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Corgies Practice

Checking in on Team Corgie

AS everyone knows we have 2 students and 3 dogs going to the Nationals.
The Teams
Ruth Miller and Kerrie (corgie)running in the 8 inch class
Ruth Miller and Ponto (aussie) running in the 16 inch class
Becky Brinck and Maddie (corgie) running in the 4 inch Class

Practice Practice Practice

Here ron has set up a series of problems, which the teams have been working on. Generally at the end of a practice session the teams like to put the whole thing together a nd see how they do.

Ruth and Kerrie Clean Run

Becky and Maddie

A  little mishap at the weaves (handler error)
a clean run otherwise..

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Practice never ends..

Practice Practice Practice
At Big Times we try to focus on individual skills and occasionally we put them together in a short course...  Here we feature a short course a contact, a sweeping weave pole entry, multiple wraps, another contact and a send to the table.  4 dogs , 4 styles 





Friday, February 12, 2016

Practice Practice Practice


Everyone likes to run courses but success comes with a lot of practice...
And a successful teeter is no exception. 
Handlers as well as the dogs do a lot of running.
We always start with the teeter as low as possible and supported with sand bags so there is no movement..
Here we are on stage 4 where we have started to raise the teeter and the dogs are working with the movement and the noise.. Most importantly we focus not only on the teeter but the 2 on 2 off contact

Becky and Zoie

Connie and Cooper

Ruth and Nemoy

Steve and Reilly

Friday, February 5, 2016

How important is motion

Motion and direction play a big role in agility... Motion and direction being natural ques over shadow just about everything else.. Donna and Sadie were having a hard time with a send..

Sadie goes around just like she was told...
Watch the motion of the handler. Donna sends the dog 
Before the jump then proceeds forward
Sadie takes the Q goes to the backside of jump and follows Mom

Same thing happens here 

 After some adjustments and a little practice
Sadie get good information and completes the task